Imagine a young woman in the kitchen, cooking dinner, placing the cooking pot to settle on the cooker for the food to cook. While waiting for the chicken to simmer and for the ingredients to become one, she leaves the kitchen and steps out of the house, heading towards a fast food restaurant to get  something else that she thinks  she might prefer, thus leaving the cooking pot on the cooker still cooking.

Anything can happen at this point.

The food could, or rather will get burnt in due time and her initial effort will become futile and it might even set the kitchen if not the house ablaze. In a worst case scenario, she might not even find what would really tickle her taste buds at the restaurant and she would have nothing to eat at the end of the day.

I know you’re thinking “What on earth is wrong with her?”

However, that question ought to be directed at a good number of ladies who leave their relationships when it is still far from over.

You don’t leave the bathroom when the shower is still running. You go back in and turn it off.

You don’t leave a relationship when you still feel something for that someone. It’s just the same as leaving your food on the cooker, when it’s still cooking.

Leaving half way will always find a way to get back and haunt you.

You feel you are now in the right relationship with the right guy when the gentleman you walked out on, walks in to the room and you sense his presence. Why? Because you never did detach yourself from him. When you catch his eye, you still feel butterflies in your stomach, because your feelings for him never did die. Then he holds your hand and you wonder why you left in the first place, hence putting your present relationship in jeopardy.

That’s what unfinished business does. It keeps coming back and it spoils your other endeavours. In this case… It messes up your relationships.

I’m not trying to imply don’t leave what is not good for you, by all means please do, but never leave a good thing prematurely no matter how much something else seems better. Remember, not everything that glitters is gold. What you may be running to may not be the best for you, and even if it is, the ghost of unfinished business won’t let you enjoy what is rightfully yours.

So don’t take decisions into your own hands when you know love is still there.

Let time tell.

Don’t walk out on Love.


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