Before now, I chose to believe that Love is for the weak minded.

I concluded that it was for those who had to depend on another  for happiness. I generalised that it was for those who had no pride or self-esteem of their own. I thought I knew that Love was for the foolish because people who were supposedly “in love” made decisions without “thinking”. I thought it was for the blind because I thought they couldn’t see the conditions surrounding them, the flaws, the inconveniences, the obvious consequences of their decisions and actions. I thought it was a bad idea because I concluded that in the end, somebody is going to get hurt.

But now, I believe that Love is for the courageous, bold, brave, and strong at heart.

The bold. The brave. The courageous. The strong at heart. They are not afraid of making mistakes. They are not afraid of taking risks.

Learning from mistakes to become stronger, taking risks in hope of a better life instead of laying back and watching each boring day go by. That’s what life is meant to be.

Love isn’t about what you get from the other person, but what you can give and what you can do for him or her. That way you know you’re living because you’re making an impact in somebody’s life.

Love isn’t for the selfish, because love is all about sharing everything with someone else. And only when you give can you receive. Living without love is like living life a liability to your own self. You would forever be in debt to yourself and others around you until you learn to give back.

A weak minded person can’t fathom the gravity of love because to the weak minded, it’s foolish. To the myopic, its blind, to the jobless, it’s a waste of time, but to the brave and courageous, it’s the reason we exist. It’s love.

That’s for the strong.

Not the weak minded.Image


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