Your Wine.

This is a poem I wrote last year

Its a lot deeper than it seems

Hope you enjoy it!

Here it goes!


I saw you from across the room,

The lights favoured the angles of your face.

There was so much in you that caught my eye,

And I couldn’t help but notice that you were the centre of attention

Well dressed, composed, and quite handsome.

I was impressed by your carriage,

Taken away by your smile

Then you came my way and sat by me

My heart started to beat faster for a while.

You didn’t have to say much,

It was as if I knew you all my life,

Ask me why

Question for the gods!

I don’t need to know why

All I know is you connected to my heart, soul, and mind.

And then you offered to buy me wine.

I didn’t want your wine at first,

But then I changed my mind.

I gave a shy nod

Your response, so kind.

And then I thought,

What if I said I wanted “that label”?

Would you tell me you were unable?

Would you walk away from the table?

And behave like this never happened?

Your eyes twinkled with confusion at my facial expression,

I cut the tension by saying “your pick, sir”

He asked like a gentleman, “Are you sure?”

I must admit, that question came at the right time.

Would what tickles his taste buds tickle mine?

With doubt in my mind,

I took back my words and rephrased

“My pick, Sir. But your wine”.






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