Time and time again, young women have been accused of not knowing what they want.

But then again, they (We) are young.

Cut us some slack, guys.

But I would tell you what I KNOW young women want.

We want genuine happiness.

We just want to be really and truly happy!

Whatever we do, we do with the hope of deriving happiness from it.

I mean who doesn’t want to be happy?


I’ll tell you the sort of person that makes me happy…


Someone who will listen to me with all ears and an open mind

But also knows when to shut me up.

Someone who makes me laugh, at least most of the time.

A really good sense of humor gets tonnes of cool points.

Someone who cares and enjoys my company, but isn’t too clingy.

Someone who supports my dreams and goals

And doesn’t discourage me.

Directly or indirectly.

Someone who doesn’t think I’m strange or weird

But calls me unique.

Someone who respects my independence

But also takes care of me.

Someone who is willing to give me a heart felt hug whenever I need one.

Someone who treats me different from everybody else.

Obviously and positively.

Someone to tell me I am beautiful when I need to hear it.

Someone who respects my opinion.

Someone who understands me.

Who won’t judge me or condemn me.

Someone who celebrates and appreciates me

And doesn’t tolerate me.

Someone whose actions speak so much louder than words

(Words are too cheap; worthless to me).


This is what I want in a nutshell.

I’m sure a lot of girls can relate to this.




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