I’m getting old now

And I’m tired of fooling around

And getting my heart broken every once in a while.

If it’s not real, then it’s fake

We both can relate

Or am I the only one who can differentiate?

You promise the world now

But can you keep it till after later?

You say a whole lot of things now

But do you really mean them?

You may say you do

But is it strong enough to last forever?

Not like I don’t want you

Cos really, I do

But what’s the gain just to have then lose you?

Be lovers today then strangers tomorrow

That’s heart break enough to think of

3D Screen

Watch the image in my head

Control buttons on the heart

Why press play when I already know what’s next?

I don’t want to be called your girlfriend

If one day I am going to be called your ex.



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