I pushed the RESET Button!

For a very long time, If I was asked “Who’s your inspiration?” I would have begun to mention a long list of my entertainment icons, starting with Beyonce and Michael Jackson. But a war went on in my mind today, and now I have a different answer to that question.

After saying my morning prayers today, I picked up my iPod and began to tweet (typical of me, I’m a twitter addict) and I went through my TL and remembered that I have visited Beyonce’s blog “The BeyHive” in a while and I wondered whether or not she’s updated it recently.

I love Beyonce, and I see a lot of good in her. I want to be an entertainer, and I see her as the perfect mentor cos she’s got the whole package. With her blog, I thought it would be an excellent way to take a peek into her life, her thoughts, what she’s wearing, what she’s reading, what she’s listening to, what she’s eating, where she’s going on tour, her new music, and other stuff a faithful fan would be interested in. I saw this as a source of inspiration.

In my subconscious, I took this to be my favorite if not only source of inspiration.

Then, something else crossed my mind “The greatest man who walked this earth left you all sorts of inspiration in a book. No matter how often you read it, every line would reveal something new to you. When last did you take it seriously?”

I stopped, and heaved a heavy sigh.

That was definitely the Holy Spirit. And He sounded dead serious.

I remembered at that point, that this book He spoke of, has the instructions that God has given to us. “There’s nothing that’s not in the Bible”, My mum usually says, “It has the answer for everything, people sometimes just choose to ignore it”.

It also reminded me that it has Jesus’ daily walk, His prayer life, His miracles, His wise words, from birth till death, and I realized that that’s just like his own blog, just that someone else wrote it but by the inspiration of Himself that He sent to us, The Holy Spirit”.

I feel too bad that someone who went through so much torture and such a painful and shameful death for my sake, left me His own blog,  and I don’t take it as seriously as I do with the Bey Hive.

I came to a conclusion, that it is no crime to admire Beyonce and her achievements, as I really do want to be an entertainer, but it is a shame that I made it my favorite source of inspiration, and I abandoned the ULTIMATE source of inspiration, I took it for granted basically. Before now, I only used to read devotionals and not the Bible itself cos I thought it was some sort of religious bore. I never used those words to describe it, but now that this has happened, going back to analyze everything, that’s exactly what it was to me.

So tonight after giving this experience as a Testimony to the Glory of God to my course mates, I have decided to push the RESET Button on my spiritual life. And start again.

God should be placed first in our lives.


Above our dreams, above our hopes, above our academics, above our jobs, above our businesses, above our careers, above our families, above our mentors, above our friends.


Cos without Him, they wont even be there basically.

So I’m putting Him and His word above this being and blog that I have idolized.

I’m not saying my love for Bey is gonna die. I’m not saying I wont read her blog.

I’m saying now I’m gonna put GOD first and above everything else. Give honor to whom honor is due.

Cos when God is placed first, evey other thing falls right into place.

Glory be to God.

I know this the day before Valentines day, and everyone would expect a blogger to be posting up stuff about Valentines day

But let me say

Let us be inspired by the greatest love of all, GOD.

Let us check if our relationship with God is right. Cos if its not, all your other relationships wont be.

(Shout Out to my new friend, Sammie. God did it again and answered my prayer. Thank you for enlightening me, and making me pray that prayer.)






4 thoughts on “I pushed the RESET Button!

  1. I rily luv dis…n ts gt me askn myself so many questns abt my lyf…i rily nid to press d reset button n mk thngs ryt wif God..fnk u davina…God bless u

  2. wow, powerful words dat got me thinking…a reset wud nt b enuf 4 me i nid to CTRL+ALT+DEL my present life nd strt all ova again….i also luv beyonce bt always wonda y she is wit dat ugly demonic blasphemous brat popularly known as jay-z @awsumtweets4u

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