Hello Parental guidance,

I’m sure you remember me, I was the young playful girl who was fascinated by radio and television, intrigued by music and dance, curious about culture and language. You totally ignored my interests and strengths and concentrated on the depth of my weaknesses. You threw me into a monotonous system called ‘Mathematics’ and left me there till it became a part of my life. You thought, my interests and strengths would fade away eventually due to the condition you set for me, I thought so too. I guess we were both wrong.A cat remains a cat, and a dog remains a dog.You can’t cheat nature.You pushed me into everything you wanted for yourself. ‘Professional’ you called it, ‘Noble’ you said, ‘Dignifying’ and so on, I called it a ‘9-5’.You were certain of its benefits and you were even more certain that it’s benefits were meant for me. Who am I to argue? I am but a child with little or no knowledge nor experience of the circle of life.I succumbed. I went ahead. Your wish was my command.Mathematics and all the other things you bound me to slowly lost it’s grip. I was left with what was deposited in me from birth. It was raw, I realised that, so I did all I could to develop it. I paid less attention to the ticket to the ‘9-5’ job you wanted for me, You could say my ‘Hobby’ was a distraction, I say I was distracted from my calling. You can’t control someone’s destiny, whether formed in your womb, or fertilised by your seed. You can only nurture passion, stir motivation, support ideas and innovation, discipline thoughts and actions, and boost self esteem. Just because you know something, doesn’t mean it’s right, and just because you don’t understand something, it doesn’t mean it’s wrong.The beauty of this world lies in it’s diversity. The beauty of a human being lies in his or her uniqueness, individuality. You realised that rather late, but as they say ‘better late than never’.

There came a time you saw that you were only wasting effort and breath trying to make me who I am not. For a fish can only swim when it is in water.
So, you came to see someone new.
Let me introduce myself, I am the success your myopia could not see, and the Passion you tried to kill.

Pleased to meet you. 

Hello Tradition and Norm,

I am your worst nightmare. I am change and evolution whose mission is to challenge your cobweb infested process. I am art, I am soul, I am education through socialisation.I am new methods, I am new ideas. You can call me rebellion.
You look down on what makes me, ‘me’, condemn my strong will and call me ‘stubborn and insubordinate’ and tag me ‘unserious’, ‘uncouth’, and what not.
Thank you, for your misunderstanding and myopia reminds me that I need not place your thoughts of me in any regard. You do not determine who I am. You do not reign supreme. Hello, I am the answer to questions, a smile to saddened souls, a testimony on the lips of achievers, and a key to the cage of stagnation. I am change, the boomerang you threw.
Pleased to meet you.


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