ARTICLE: 8 Easy Steps to becoming a Successful Music Artiste in Nigeria

Easy steps to becoming the next big thing in Nigerian Music (


This Website is making me sort for information now oh.. here some qick tips for those who are ready to  blow in music !! 🙂

Source: ( Naija Artiste)

The internet creates tons of new opportunities for
upcoming artists. Becoming famous was never easier
and more feasible than these days. Even well-known
label bosses claim that there’s no need for a record label
to make it in this game. But there’s also a downside to

Every kid with internet can record songs and publish
them online. The internet is literally being flooded with
new music every day. And the consumers and fans out
there are getting overwhelmed big time. It’s self-evident
that standing out becomes more and more important.

It is hard to ignore the fact that music today has
moved from pretty simple lyrics to words that do not
exist in the oxford dictionary talk more of…

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