Comfortable Complacency

The problem with our citizens ‘Complacency’


Idleness breeds Mindless curiosity towards the conceptual versions of what the truth is not
All these seem to keep me busy as the world chooses to Trend my nation #Nigeria
We are under siege it might seem but the reality of this realization is that many do not share this obvious burden

The average man has no access to social media, and is unaware of what a #(harsh tag) means
He finds no urgency in the #bringbackourgirls Trend, but rather would seek liberty from bondage
In my own personal life I have had to contend with #bringbackmysanity for my state of mind is like an abandoned building project
No one else seems to share in my incapacitation and so I blindly join in and retweet with the social media elite

The world is very different now! as nothing seems to be hidden anymore with every device
Containing a camera or…

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