Lesson Learned From Bey: You Don’t Have To Talk To Speak

A night ago, I slept off on a message from him that went “You seen Solange on Jay?”
And I was like, Yo! Music video? That’s dope. Who would have thought?
But then I slept off in a nano second for some reason.
I woke up the next day (Thank God) and later that morning I googled Jay Z and Solange and before I was done, I saw a link to a YouTube video… and my niggas were in an elevator…
Then I see this sister punching and kicking Mr Carter and I was like haaayyy what on earth did he do to upset her?
Then…. THEN! I see Beyoncé just standing there.
And I go Yo! Why are you just standing there????
(Thinking about it now, She could have had too much to drink… cos she been dranking…


Or maybe she understood how upset her sister was and knew she would get beaten up terribly if she got in her way so she just let the body guard do his job. You may think thats not “being an older sister” but hey, if she comes out of the elevator with messed up hair, ripped up dress and all that, how would she begin to explain herself?
So, stepping back, to be honest, wasn’t the worst thing to do.)


And then I stop yelling at my screen cos I realised I can’t do shit about it.

So so, This was CCTV footage of the elevator during the Met Gala 2014 after party about a week ago, that was sold to TMZ for $250,000 by the way (Kerching!!!!)
If you remember, we saw pictures of Mr and Mrs Carter after the event looking like nothing happened




Solange looked upset to me though…

Beyoncé,  Jay Z, and Solange have made no comments about this matter.

Now, recently, Beyoncé posted up photos of herself and her sister together on her instagram profile.

You must be wondering what this post is about…
My point, Beyoncé didn’t have to say anything to a reporter to inform the public that she and Solange are good.
She didn’t have to talk to prove a point or to pass a message
All she did was post pictures on her Instagram





You may think “Hay, she needs to say something to the people to clarify whats going on because these photos could mean anything”
Truth is, even if she does say anything, a bunch of people will still twist her words and make it look like another, and make their own understanding of it.
So, Yo! She’s doing the right thing.
And yeah, that was in an elevator
The moment was captured by CCTV, meaning the general public isn’t supposed to be able to view it anyway.
Why should they (Bey, Solange, Jay) talk about what wasn’t even supposed to be seen?
As she said before, in her HBO Documentary “Life is But A Dream” 2013:

“I remember when I first started out
There was no internet, people taking pictures of you, putting your personal life or exploiting your personal life as entertainment. I think people are so brainwashed
You get up in the morning, you click on the computer, you see all these pictures and its all you think of all day everyday and you don’t see the human form. I think when Nina Simone put out music you loved her voice, that’s what she wanted you to love, that was her instrument, but you didn’t get brainwashed by her day to day life, what her child is wearing or who she is dating and all the things that really,   It’s not your business”

Lesson learned from Bey:
You don’t have to talk to speak
Infact, sometimes you don’t have to speak at all, cos it’s not their business.

Yeah, I’m done.


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