What A Mum Is

A Mum is a Mum right?
Well not really,
There’s a lot involved in this short three letter word we used to refer to the women who gave birth to us
A Mum, is the one who makes sure food is on your table, and ensures ALL of it gets in to your stomach
No Mother likes waste
A Mum, is the one who gets up in the middle of the night and gets on both knees to pray for you
Your future, your protection, and provision
A Mum, is the one who makes sure you dress to be addressed as the star she sees you to be
A Mum, is the one who sees what others don’t see in you, the one who believes in you even more than you may believe in yourself
A Mum, is the your first teacher, and what a great teacher she is, for you carry her life lessons all the days of your life
A Mum, is the one who sacrifices her time, her sleep, her money, and practically her life for you, all so that your life might be better than hers
A mum is a superhero
Who possesses superpowers, including maternal love, maternal instinct
Yes she loves you so much, and yes, she knows when you are lying
And she can feel when you need her most
It’s not Mother’s Day, I know
But I must ask this question, when was the last time you told your mum you love her? Told her that you appreciate her?
As my mother would say “If you see betta tin, make you talk am”
Our mothers surely do deserve our appreciation
Look into your mothers eyes and tell her from the bottom of your heart
“You are my hero, mum. You are Superwoman”


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