I am NOT Cool


1) I’m terrified at meeting new people because I fear what they would think of me. Thus, I am a pro at avoiding “hanging out”.
2) I don’t smoke. I don’t do drugs. I seldom drink (a glass of Red wine is good enough for me), I don’t club. I don’t party. I turn up at the Library. Learning gives me life.
3) I strongly believe Sex is a gift from God meant for a man and woman united by marriage. So, I am team #NoSexTillMarriage #Virgin
4) My lips swell when the sun is up, and shrink when the sun is down. I have no idea why.
5) I have terrible mood swings and major insecurity issues. I’m insecure about A WHOLE LOT of things. I am such a sensitive soul. Anything can make me sad.
6) I suffered from severe acne for 11 years, so I have a few acne scars left over, and really deep ones around my upper lip.
7) in order to be focused. I need to be distracted. This makes a lot of sense to me. Understanding this has made me who I am.
8) I have some really amazing friends. But I just can’t confide in them. I just have a huge problem sharing my problems. I’m an open book with a lot unwritten. A full shaken up bottle that’s waiting to explode.

I have so many more flaws and weird characteristics which justifies that #IAmNotCool

Instagram: WeAreAllUnCool


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