“Oh hear me my people, for if you forsake tithing, you rob The Lord your God” 
At the top of his voice, he cautions his congregation 
Scanning the crowd for all categories of expressions
Intimidating the faint hearted, stroking the ego of self righteous and wealthy. 
His day job, what he has been “called” to do
After the service, 
He tells his wife he has extra work at the church office till night 
Little did she know that extra work is being done between a choristers thighs
Guilty of adultery is he. Guilty of hypocrisy is he.

“Oh my children, honesty is the best policy, do not tell lies, a liar can steal, and a theif is capable of murder, listen to your mother.”
The woman raises a finger of stern warning 
Not a smile on her face, she cautions her children.
But when father comes home, mother pays no greeting
Shows no love, pays no mind 
disrespects him infront of her children
Despite the fathers patience and love 
She throws all his dignity on the floor 
Because he did not answer her last call
A misunderstanding he was not given the space to explain 

Guilty of disrespect is she. Guilty of hypocrisy is she. 

I could go on this way
Mentioning various forms of hypocrisy in the best way I can

for our sins are always before us, and everyone has fallen short of Gods glory”

Why do we condemn others so diligently?
Why is spite so easy?
When self discipline and self correction is almost absent on earth in these times 
We are all guilty 
We all make mistakes
Whether fornication, lying, stealing, slander, keeping malice
None bigger nor smaller than the other 
All just the same 
He who has the sin, may he cast the first stone
Yet, there are stones everywhere

Religion and patriarchy have shielded our eyes from what true spirituality means 
Making us all pharisees, so quick to judge, so quick to condemn.
Stripping us of  love, understanding, patience.
It is a shame
My message today is:

 Don’t judge another, just because they sin differently than you


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