The One We Wake To


“’Tis the one we owe all our musics to,
And all our dances too,
Spirit in voice and movement,
Our muse in darkest nights;
Let distance hold devotion stronger yet,
Let time bring you closer still- and closer still,
Let memories bring you to us,
Nay, bring me to you;
For wonders should keep us waiting,
Till you come and breathe again,
Rouse us from our expectant slumbers,
Then we’ll wake with eager ears,
Our feet ready with long waiting trots…”

Hark! The earliest bells toll long and loud,
Sounds of merriment and festiveness filling the morning air
As at the welcoming of new born rain
After prolonged drought or the bitterest winters,
Like the fresh trickles of April showers;

Hark! Music rings loud and free in everyone’s hearts,
Hitherto held fast in chains of most doleful night,
Terrors dark, terrors deep,
Terrors dire we feared to sleep,
Hopes most…

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