The Journey to Self Love

In the midst of the overwhelming changes in my life recently, I am compelled to acknowledge that in bitter reality I only have myself and God.
I have spent a lot of my years loving others and forgetting that I have to love myself.

But Davina, you do love yourself. You seem so confident.

My fronts are so believable aren’t they?
If you have ever had a Conversation with me, you would have noticed that I am so quick to speak ill of myself and even quicker to praise others.
Praising others and seeing the good in people is a great gift. However, when you can’t see the good in yourself, that’s a HUGE problem.

In the merry month of May this year, 2015
I carried out a self evaluation and realised why I put myself down, how I put myself down, and formulated ways to push myself up.
Its not as easy as it sounds. I’m still working on every self love and appraisal strategy I have come up with and trying to stop these bad habits of self degradation.
God is good. He’s been all the help I have and need.

In subsequent posts, God willing, I’ll be sharing some stories of this self journey I’m on with you.
But for now, I’ll leave you with this post I came across on Instagram.


Till the next post!

Have a blessed Sunday and a fruitful week!

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