Birthday Message to My Best Friends

A while ago, I wrote this as a follow up to one of my Poetry classes. The prompt was “Something you care about”. Without thinking twice, I wrote about my brothers David Oriakhi Daniel Oriakhi It’s their birthday today so… Why not? Here it goes:

“I was far too young to remember what exactly happened the night my brothers were born
But I do remember how I felt (well… a wee bit)
I was cold, Winter had arrived
I was upset that neither my mother nor father were paying attention to me
Who can blame them? Two nations were about to be born
I was restless.
The hospital should have been a familiar arena but it never ceased to amaze me
For it had its own music
Percussion : the beeping sounds from the equipment I still know nothing about, the sound of feet pacing back and forth
Strings: a choir of all sorts of voices from all sorts of people, the lady who always had something to announce. The vibrations were so thick it was a song on its own
Brass: this should have been lent by my brothers.
The cry of the new born
A cry to announce their entrance into the world
A cry to grieve their eternal exit from mothers womb, easy food, water walls and bed,
A cry because they could, a cry because they should
Let us know you’re alive
That didn’t happen
My brothers rushed out of their haven premature
Popped out of what would be mother’s stitches
Their bestowed Melanin wasn’t poppin’ though
They took the colour of the sky before night time and the colour of royal dye.
Their uniqueness already established
They needed oxygen
Fascinating yet pitiful that they couldn’t breathe in a place where air was supposedly abundant
The Hospital song played on

I know these men more than I have known any other person
They are an extension to my existence
They have taught me responsibility, patience, tolerance, rebellion and unconditional love merely by existing
They are a stretch of inches taller than I am
But whenever I see them, I still see the little boys who ran round the house speaking in tongues the church is yet to recognise as spiritual communication
I still remember the smell of their business
The confidence in their adorable pronunciations
Adding in consonants and vowels without permission
The pitch of their young and care free laughter
The smile that seemed to say “I’m not really sure who you are, but I have a feeling we’d be together forever, so I love you”
They are my best friends now
Their minds are like clockwork
I bask in the pride of their intelligence
Their brightness lights up their very eyes
Their hearts of gold surrounded by walls of steel
Their words of wisdom, showing off the age of their soul
But no matter how old they become, and no matter how tall they grow
They’d always be my little munchkins
And I shall forever love them so.”

Happy Birthday David
Happy Birthday Daniel

Lots of Love,


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