Happy Birthday Alicia Keys!

I have a lot to say about this phenomenal woman and artiste, but I only have so many words, I only have so many minutes to type, and I only have so much of an ability to effectively express myself in the way I really want to. Nevertheless, it’s her birthday today, thus I shall make an effort to express how much I admire her and how much impact she has made in me.

The first time I heard of Alicia Keys was in a  beauty salon.
The lady asked me, “Don’t you want your hair to look like that?”
She pointed to the old TV box on the far end of the room, usually I would squint to see but this time I could clearly make out the face, the hair, the piano. She called her “Alicia Keys”
Somehow, all of a sudden my ears paid more attention to the music. Before I knew it, I was singing along “I… Keep on fallin….”
I nodded, at the thought of beaded hair, an excuse to shake my head and show off my hair at any point in time as I please.

You know how it is, when you are most aware of something you begin to see it all the time.
Alicia Keys was suddenly always on MTV, Channel O…
Her songs became a reference for what I called “good music”, “soulful music”.

I used to tell myself “Wouldn’t it be nice to play the piano like her and make beautiful music? Wouldn’t it be nice to not have to show off so much skin to be considered attractive?”

She’s a role model in many ways to say the least.

My face would beam (still does) when I get the occasional comment “You look like Alicia Keys”. I still don’t believe it but, it somehow makes me feel connected to her.

I grew older, and inevitably watched her grow. She didn’t have braids and beaded hair any more LOL, but it didn’t mean a diminish in her art even in the slightest. From “Songs in a Minor”  to “As I am”  to “The Element of Freedom” (My personal favourite) I heard more soul I heard more emotional embrace, strength and growth.

“Girl on Fire” to me celebrated the woman she had become. A wife, a mother, an activist, an artist… someone the world would never forget.

Her lyrical content become so much more socially concious and empowering… This made me love and respect her even more.

Honestly, I feel like I have grown with her. I think that’s what every artist wants, for their fans to grow with them. Not that she dictated every step of the way, no nothing like that, but I felt like we were holding hands every step of the way.

Some time ago I thought to myself “Wouldn’t it be nice to mash up two very empowering songs of hers that have truly inspired me, and release it on her birthday in her honour?”

And that’s what I did.

I mashed up “Brand New Me” and “Superwoman” and I’m putting out today, her birthday.

Its right here >>>> Click Me!

I hope you enjoy it!

Happy Birthday Alicia Keys! I love you.

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